All you need to know and a little more

We have over twenty years experience creating wireless communications and infrastructure. Through our network of partners, we are all over the country. We are a company based on knowledge that solves customer problems. Broad and deep knowledge of wireless technology means that we always find the right solution.

Can you prosper in an industry that almost nobody fully understands?

When we say that we are working with wireless communication, many people look puzzled. On the one hand, frequencies, coordinates, radio links, redundancy and full duplex are complex concepts that can be a little tricky to grasp. On the other hand, this radio communications business is not particularly exclusive – after all, wireless equipment can be bought at your nearest electronics store. Please don’t think that we deal in prejudices and misconceptions. On the contrary – we just become even more determined to show the benefits of wireless communication.

Professional equipment for professional use

When we discuss wireless communications, it is all about professional equipment that secures and streamlines business-critical processes. Furthermore, radio equipment has developed rapidly in recent years. Wireless communications today are stronger, faster and safer than ever. Therefore, it does not matter whether we are dealing with short or long distances, small or large surfaces, a little or a lot of data. Whatever the circumstances, we make sure that you receive a system that is precisely tailored to your needs.

We are with you from start to finish

We work in close consultation with all our clients. However, once we know what it takes to solve a communication problem, we like to take over the baton. This means everything from advice and project management, to contact with authorities, assembly and commissioning. In short – total responsibility from start to finish.

Even though we are few, we can quickly become very many

Right now, we are in an exciting phase of expansion. Only during the last six months, we have strengthened with several new employees onboard who have broadened our perspective considerably. New thoughts and ideas will help us move forward and sharpen our offering further. We have built up a large network of partners over the years, each of which belongs to the elite within its operating area. If necessary, we can put together a hand-picked team that can take on large and complex assignments.

Members of industry associations

Together with other stakeholders, we formed the industry organisation Svenska Trådlös Fiberleverantörer (STFL). The aim with this is to increase knowledge about the social benefits and the technical and economic advantages of Wireless Fiber. STFL is open to new members. Furthermore, we are members of Näringslivets Säkerhetsdelegation (NSD) och Instrumenttekniska föreningen (itf).)

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