Specialists in wireless technology

Vixor is the industry leader in wireless technology. For over twenty years, we have developed customer-specific communications and infrastructure solutions. We have developed our own products and are dealerships for the world's leading companies.

Four product areas, many smart communication solutions

Professional radio communication contains many different technologies and quality levels. It doesn’t matter what your communication requirements look like, we can always deliver complete wireless systems. Among our product groups are proprietary wireless I/O systems, radio modems, wireless network equipment for IP traffic and the new generation of microwave transmission under our own trademark Wireless Fiber. Naturally, we also have special equipment in mast, antenna and signal systems.

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Product area

Control and monitoring – wireless I/O for monitoring, control, measurement, alarm and pulse.

Radio modems – serial or IP municipal action between the PLC/RTUs in the network or directly to master control system.

RadioLAN – for automation, monitoring, access control and camera solutions.

Wireless Fiber – the new generation’s microwave transmission. Up to 12 Gbit/s, long distance, full duplex capability, redundancy and IP traffic.

Wireless Fibernet speeds up the broadband development

With help from our Wireless Fibernet brand, everyone can get as fast and stable connection as in the big cities. Wireless Fibernet minimize the digital gap that todays society have and make connections everywhere possible, and for everyone to participate in the digital world.