Alfhild Johanson Property Real Estate

Alfhild Johanson shoot Wireless Fiber from roof to roof

Alfhild Johanson is a small and intimate property company based in Gothenburg. Their property portfolio is available in six different neighbourhoods – Björkekärr, Kallebäck, Kortedala, Krokslätt, Torp and Wieselgrensplatsen on the island of Hisingen. Despite the properties being connected to cable TV, it was a challenge to coordinate and streamline various systems of communication and building operations.

Various internet suppliers and subscription solutions made it difficult to meet both customer needs and update the new services. The property company’s IT department realised that it needed a complete solution in the form of a comprehensive communications system, so that all properties could live up to future demands. They then asked Vixor a straight question – do you have a solution to our problem?

High reliability, rapid installation

We soon found that the height of the properties was the key to success. By installing antennae on the roofs and ‘shooting’ wireless fiber between buildings, we managed to create a common communication channel for the entire portfolio. In this way, all communications can be coordinated and sent between the properties. Operational safety is optimal, even though it involves long distances of up to 22 km. Installation time was short – from planning to operation took just eight weeks.

Broadband for tenants

With Wireless Fiber in the properties, Alfhild Johanson can also now offer their tenants powerful broadband connections. By investing in Wireless Fiber, you receive an additional source of income and the opportunity to improve customer service by offering customised solutions.