Copenhagen Malmö Port

Copenhagen Malmö Port took no risks – decided on Wireless Fiber

Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) needed to develop its network infrastructure business when their working conditions changed. In addition, it was important to quickly get their own IT systems to the port’s different working areas. Easier said than done in an environment where operations run around the clock and it is very difficult to install cables.

In close cooperation with CMP’s IT department, we developed a scalable communications solution that met the high standards for performance, reliability and cost. Heavy applications could now finally be added to the existing system for common operation and maintenance.

Cost-effective solution

The communication solution was appreciated on both sides of the water. David Boden, IT Manager at CMP, explains why they chose Wireless Fiber.

“We chose Wireless Fiber mainly because of the reliability. All our data communication must work and be operational 24/7. Another benefit of wireless is that we do not have to deal with cables in difficult environments. It feels good that we now own our infrastructure and therefore can easily adapt to new conditions. Additionally, the solution is scalable and portable. And one very important factor – the investment had an ROI of just 13 months.”