New regulations led to Swedavia choosing Wireless Fiber

When one of the country’s major airports became subject to new regulations, they faced a difficult dilemma. It required a powerful new communication path to a station that had no previous connection.

As the capacity requirement was high, they decided to go for a connection via terrestrial fiber. However, time was short and it was difficult to find a natural channel for excavators.

Highest rating

Were there no realistic alternatives? Well, yes. Vixor was given the assignment to produce a cost-effective solution which was also future proof on all counts. Our proposal was compared with land fiber in respect of cost, technology and reliability. Furthermore, it was decided to run a trial to evaluate performance and reliability. How did this go? Very well, thanks. After six months of trial operations, we received a pass with distinction by the IT department who had meticulously supervised the operation. No interruptions, no interference and complete function in all weathers was the discerning IT department’s final assessment.

Significant cost savings

The figures speak for themselves – our solution was 20 per cent lower compared to the cost of land fiber.