The water industry also loves wireless communication

Municipalities place high demands on their businesses because of their responsibilities for important social functions We have delivered solutions for IT, plumbing and powerline communications to a large number of municipalities.

Water is our most important food

Local administration water departments are accustomed to using radio communications to monitor and control stations for water and waste water. A separate radio network for communicating with the pumping stations is reliable, cost-effective stable and simple. Furthermore, it is easy to scale up the equipment if requirements change.

Electricity, power, energy and lighting should simply work

Modern society stands or falls on electricity supplies. Therefore, it feels good that we have long been supplying secure communications to the industry’s leading players around the country. Our solutions control, monitor and optimise the operation of technical systems around the clock, all year round. This is simply for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone who wants their daily lives to function with as little disruption as possible.

Even the digital world is wireless

IT is a part of all businesses and organisations, and is therefore a prerequisite for communication and information exchange. Our network includes business-critical data that is processed, treated and stored in server and cloud services. It doesn’t matter if the business is local or several miles away – we build up a network infrastructure that can be scaled up as needed. We naturally ensure that IT communication works well with other systems. Our wireless IT systems are characterised by redundancy, high availability, large capacity, high speed and flexible systems.

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Specialists in wireless technology

Vixor is the industry leader in wireless technology. For over twenty years, we have developed customer-specific communications and infrastructure solutions.