Wireless Fiber - ideal as a complement to terrestrial fiber

We have over twenty years experience in creating wireless communications and infrastructure. Through our network of partners, we are all over the country. This benefits everyone in rural areas who wants a powerful broadband connection.

The new generation’s microwave transmission

It is expensive and time consuming to lay terrestrial cables in sparsely populated areas, which can mean that households and businesses have to wait unnecessarily long periods or even go without broadband completely. This creates digital exclusion in the form of poorer public services and growth opportunities. This is an unacceptable situation, because an effective complement to terrestrial fiber exists – Wireless Fiber, the new generation’s microwave transmission. Wireless Fiber has the same capacity as terrestrial fiber, a very attractive cost structure and a short set-up time. Furthermore, Wireless Fiber works perfectly as redundancy/back-up to the ordinary fiber network.

This is Wireless Fiber

Wireless Fiber is the name of the new generation’s microwave transmission. It is proven technology that has been developed to a huge capacity in recent years. Signals are communicated wirelessly from point to point between the directional antennae in the far distance. The signals move at the speed of light and are stable regardless of conditions. In this way, municipalities, businesses and households gain access to fast and operationally secure broadband.

For safe redundancy and robust networks

Businesses typically rely solely on one connection where there is usually not any alternative. If requirements are particularly challenging, they invest in more fiber which is both expensive and demanding. Wireless Fiber is perfect as redundancy because it is an independent connection that cannot be dug out. When the conventional fiber goes down, the wireless takes over.

Build your own network in the city

Wireless Fiber is ideal for property owners who want to connect different properties. Important property data can be sent between locations and tenants can gain access to powerful broadband connections.

The whole country should be connected

Sparsely populated areas are Sweden’s backbone and represent much that is good about our country – visually, culturally and historically. At present, rural areas just a few kilometres outside towns are completely dependent on mobile operators. Lack of good connectivity is one reason why many people choose to leave rural areas and small communities are dying out as a result. Digging fiber from urban to rural areas is time consuming and costly. It is much faster and significantly cheaper to use Wireless Fiber in rural areas. We communicate signals to housing areas, then set up fiber from our antennae to the properties.

Specialists in wireless technology

Vixor is the industry leader in wireless technology. For over twenty years, we have developed customer-specific communications and infrastructure solutions.